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Look around where you’re sitting. Notice what you’re sitting on. You’re living in a world of Architecture and Design. It’s everywhere!

Ether creations LLP is one of the most client focused architectural design service providers in Delhi NCR Mumbai. Our architectural services are tailored towards meeting the Residential and commercial interior designs need of clients in Delhi and its environ. We provide architectural services to clients that want to build a new home, rehabilitate existing homes or need restructuring advice. At Ether creations, we align our services to clients’ need and provide them with up to the last minute designs and architectural solutions, while ensuring that their needs are meant and they received exceptional values for their money. Ether creations LLP has emerged from Sthapati Projects which came in existence in 2008 and was founded by the Architect Hirak Jakhotiya and the Interior Designer Pradeep Kr Yadav. This mixed background has made us not just the old-style architects or designers, but an integral concept. Sthapati projects has successfully delivered countless projects to different clients over the years.


Our clients base span across India, mainly in Mumbai (Maharashtra), Goa, Hyderabad, Delhi (NCR) and its other surrounding locations. We render our services to private individuals, companies, and corporate organizations. Our service area includes Architectural design, Interior design, Landscape design and Product designs. We are a team of professional architects, interior designers as well as landscape designers that are well experienced in the field and their skills and experience can serve as veritable tools for satisfying our clients architectural and interior design needs.


We use a client oriented approach in rendering our services. This is why our response time, competitive and transparent pricing, delivery time and quality architectural, interior as well as landscape designs are rated among the best in Maharashtra and it’s environ. Ether creations provides not only with the right architectural services at the right time, we go extra mile to ensuring that our clients get exceptional value for the money they spent. We call it the Ether creations advantage and our clients call it the best option. By doing it, we want to become the trusted friend of our clients who let us be part of their lives. Whenever we build a new project, we want to take the owner’s dreams to reality.


The outcome of each project is a combination of the design and execution stages. We always look to combine the right set of skills to get it done as if every home was a palace, treating all projects like the Taj Mahal. Our focus is on creating eclectic designs, with an ambiance that is beyond the walls of a residence or a workplace. We let feelings emerge from the place, capturing the emotions attached to each space.

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